Underpaid or undervalued

When I felt I wasn’t being paid enough in my twenties, I took it as a slight. The company deserved the frustration I felt toward it and I was a victim of their unkind appraisal. I was angry and assumed I was undervalued. Bitter about being underpaid. Combative about how to get more pay.

Now, as I mull over the feeling that my pay isn’t quite right, I see things differently. I haven’t sold myself well enough. Evidenced my accomplishment enough. Actually, perhaps I haven’t accomplished as much as I think, or at least not visibly enough. I didn’t negotiate well enough. Ultimately, I accepted the offer – that’s on me.

When I feel that there’s more I could have done or can do, there’s much more scope for positive action.

I needn’t feel undervalued, even if I might be underpaid.

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