If you think he’s to blame – you’re probably wrong

“Whether you think you can, or thing you can’t – you’re probably right.” The words of Henry Ford, who, according to an article I read today, “has a lot to answer for when it comes to the climate-centred woes of our world”. Had Ford not set his manufacturing ideals among us, though, I’m certain another would’ve done. Given a demand that can lead to a … Continue reading If you think he’s to blame – you’re probably wrong

Detail is good, principles are better

Over the course of my career to date, I’ve come across more technical details than I could hope to remember. When I happen on something unfamiliar, I try to look into it enough to be sure there’s not a complication I need to grasp. I’m not looking to get it totally, merely to absorb the key concepts involved. Thinking this way – in principles and … Continue reading Detail is good, principles are better

What’s to be in the office

As open plan offices go, the one I visited today was nice. Substantially nicer than the long corridor with desks I worked in, many moons ago. Without a community and a vibe there, though, it held none of the attraction of that earlier office. To survive, high street retail needs to do more than merely present what’s available online. Similarly, physical offices need to offer … Continue reading What’s to be in the office

The pursuit of truth

While reading earlier I was struck by “the instrumental value of democracy is conditional on the electorate’s commitment to the pursuit of truth”. It had me reflecting on how much we’re prone to favouring what we want to hear. If we do seek truth, it’s often subjective and based on anecdotes. Not objective, and buttressed with evidence. Daniel Kahneman’s cognitive bias work showed how readily … Continue reading The pursuit of truth

Trust, for the long haul

There’s a shallow kind, based on seeing attributes and hearing words that lend us to believe in someone. Folks can learn the words and attributes, then exploit this. Sales folks make a point of doing so. There’s another kind based on shared experiences and aligned values. This takes longer to form, though it builds a deeper commitment and is hard to short-cut. Remarkable politicians do … Continue reading Trust, for the long haul