Time, place, and workspace

The world of work has clearly changed for a lot of us, and won’t go back. More change will come as new norms settle in. What won’t change is that difficult messages need to be shared sometimes, with colleagues who don’t want to hear it.

Maybe it’s a bad performance review. Perhaps someone’s role is being cut. They didn’t get the promotion. There’s no pay award this year. Bad news needn’t be that person’s fault.

We must be conscious that increasingly this news will be received in the home. Just off camera there may be a partner or children. Or parents, or siblings. Who’s to say?

We have to afford people the dignity to absorb bad news.

Harder done when the colleague, or client, isn’t in an environment to do so. The office gave separation that could help with unpleasant shocks. It’s harder to know if someone’s home is a good space for that.

Change is inevitable, let’s tackle it kindly.

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