Big and scary, at first

I received a letter a little while back from Companies House, to say I needed to file a Confirmation Statement. Not filing has serious implications and there are forms to complete to make any changes before submission.

This started to feel a bit scary. Lots of tasks with unknown steps or unclear consequences feel this way.

To move forward, clear up what you can as quick as you can. Break down the riskiest part of the problem first. Work out what the most important part of the problem is to tackle. You’ll feel more comfortable if you can get this done.

If that’s too much, just bite off the smallest chunk you can find. Today, perhaps just making sure you can log in to the appropriate portal. Tomorrow, look at what’s involved in submitting. Step by small step, work towards getting the task done. Just get started. You’ll feel more comfortable once there’s some progress.

You can guess where I’m going with this – filing wasn’t scary once I got on with it.

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