About role models

A lot of success stories are built on nurturing relationships and good examples, but for some folks, these just don’t appear to be there.

It’s easy to bemoan a perceived absence, to curse your luck and decry how unfair things are. It’s a short step from there to at least half-believing you never had a chance. Nonetheless, there will have been opportunities to look up to all kinds of role models. To lift your thoughts and learn from their example. Perhaps there’s missed opportunity in your past that you didn’t recognise.

That developer who worked diligently while still finding time to learn and improve their prospects.

The couple you admired for their dedication to helping one another.

That chap who didn’t go out partying when he was 19, because he wanted to get his car ‘just-so’.

Those focused kids at school who actively developed their options.

The ideal foundation might not have been there, but there were likely support struts that you didn’t acknowledge or work with. Recognising that might make it easier to take responsibility for where you are now.

And, most importantly, for how you go forward.

You can be that role model for others.

Kindly, keep going.

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