Endure 24

I’m taking part in the Endure 24 challenge today, in Leeds. Over the course of 24 hours, solo entrants, pairs, and teams, compete to see how many laps of an 8km course they can do.

I say compete, but it’s not a competition in the strictest sense, at least not for everyone. I’m here to gauge where my fitness is at relative to this time last year. Some are here determined to beat previous personal records they have. Others want to raise awareness in costume or support someone else taking apart.

The solo entrants will be going at a very different pace to the teams, whose runners are only doing one or two laps at a time. Among the solo entrants, some intend to keep going the whole 24 hours and others just want to enjoy putting in a good lap time as often as they can, with breaks in between.

We’re all in the same event. But there are different objectives, different capabilities, different stories being told.

So it is with life – it’s not the same race for everyone.

Kindly, keep going.

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