Comparison needn’t be theft

Teddy famously asserted that ‘comparison is the thief of joy’, and I keep working on making only appropriate and helpful comparisons. I read one such helpful comparison you can make, as you progress (or desire to): “Compare yourself only to who you were yesterday, not who someone else is today.” Let another’s example inspire you, while remembering you’re on a unique journey. Take the steps … Continue reading Comparison needn’t be theft

Time, place, and workspace

The world of work has clearly changed for a lot of us, and won’t go back. More change will come as new norms settle in. What won’t change is that difficult messages need to be shared sometimes, with colleagues who don’t want to hear it. Maybe it’s a bad performance review. Perhaps someone’s role is being cut. They didn’t get the promotion. There’s no pay … Continue reading Time, place, and workspace

Critical uncertainty

I’ve started reading some of George Soros’ lectures given in Budapest after the 2008 financial crisis. A billionaire philanthropist with remarkable influence notes: “I hope that my ideas will be received in the same spirit of critical thinking in which they are offered” His first lecture is an open acknowledgement of how much is uncertain when people are involved. While we aim to provide the … Continue reading Critical uncertainty

Most useful question

What’s the most impactful, helpful, or powerful question you’ve ever been asked or asked yourself? Do please share with me – privately if you prefer. For me, it’s been “is this a useful response”. It’s not an answered and done question. It’s a recurring nudge towards better behaviour. It reminds me of the difference between reaction and response, and to choose the latter. It reminds … Continue reading Most useful question