Posts that resonate

I can’t really predict which posts are going to resonate with some of my readers that I know. I’ve wondered if that’ll improve over time as I become a better writer or better understand people. Seth Godin reports similar surprise at his feedback though, so I’m not so sure I will!

It comes down to perspective, I think. When I write a post then of course I’ve thought about it from my perspective, although I to consider a number of others too. But, much of the lives of even my dearest friends are unknown to me.

How they felt about that rejection for an opportunity that meant more to them than I knew. How a post chimed with something their parents said, way before we even met. How much joy they felt about a moment that I didn’t relate to, which they’re remind of.

I love learning when something resonates with someone. I learn something more about that person and I’m also reminded of how different we each experience this life.

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