Developing yourself, and others

To get from feeling exhausted after a 3 mile trot, to feeling a good buzz after 30 miles, I had to put the time in to train. To get from answering calls on a service desk, to being trusted to run a Covid related national service, I spent time developing the skills. It’s obvious, surely.

But all too often I, and I see this in a lot of folks I interview too, assume a logical path of progression. Assume that a mere march of time will take you from one place to another. That’s not true if the journey requires growth and development. For that you have to invest in yourself.

Work at the thing you’re looking to improve. Take feedback and act on it. Spend your time wisely and in pursuit of better.

You can’t always predict the next opportunity to advance, but you can prepare for it. Supporting others to move forward is a great way to do so.

Kindly, keep going.

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