Tape on the ankle

Something about how I run, coupled with the rough terrain I enjoy running over, means I as I move my trailing foot forward it catches on my ankle bone now and again. Quite painfully, and sometimes drawing blood.

My running technique could be improved to combat this. Perhaps I should run on more even terrain, at least more often. Maybe I should buy longer socks, or different trainers. There are some sensible longer term fixes that I’m looking at.

In the very short term, I can put a bit of tape on my ankle. Simple, low-cost, and I can carry on running without injury. I haven’t properly addressed the problem, but I haven’t taken an excuse to cut back and lose momentum.

In the day job, where it pays to be Agile, we run with the adage of doing what’s necessary and sufficient. It’s important to add value quickly and consistently. We keep things moving and facilitate improvement, with an emphasis on delivering now over deliberating for later.

If ankle tape does the job, we needn’t wait for the longer term solution – we can still make progress and enjoy the benefits of action.

Keep going.

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