Litter and socio-economic groups

I’ve heard a few folks who’ve complained about litter in areas that have a predominantly ethnic minority background. “It’s their culture”, they’ve said, “such a shame for the area”. Taking a run through a deprived local estate that is predominantly white, I’ve seen far worse littering and fly tipping. It’s not the ethnic minority background that’s behind the littering, it’s more related to the socio-economic … Continue reading Litter and socio-economic groups

The second jab

This time I won’t be going for a run at precisely the time that symptoms from the Covid vaccine are most likely to occur! Again, the process of being invited, briefed, jabbed, and sent home was painless and while I’m really pleased with that, it highlights the difference between complex and complicated problems. Co-ordinating a national vaccination program is complicated. There are a lot of … Continue reading The second jab

Eating healthier – the why

It wasn’t wanting to lose weight that helped me changed my eating habits. Being concerned about my health didn’t make much difference either, despite watching my Dad’s health deteriorate with a poor diet and contribute to his early death. Wanting to give blood made the difference. My iron levels were too low and that highlighted changes to make for the better, if I wanted to … Continue reading Eating healthier – the why

My Dad’s hopes and context

I joined the Army because I was bored at University. I didn’t join as an officer because my Dad hadn’t either and I didn’t appreciate the difference. He wasn’t pleased with either decision and had told me many times what I should do instead. I never asked his reasons and he never explained his thinking. He had a view I didn’t examine and he never … Continue reading My Dad’s hopes and context