The past, and its obstacles

On a long hilly run it can feel like you’ve given a lot without having gained much ground. Looking back often sets you straight – you can see how much ground you’ve covered and the obstacles you’ve overcome. Perhaps you haven’t gotten as far as you’d like. Maybe it was particularly hilly or rough underfoot. An honest appraisal helps get things in perspective. So, too, … Continue reading The past, and its obstacles

It bears repeating

The hallmark of the professional is they appear effortlessly good at what they do most of the time. But the effort is still there, and has a long history. Carpenters who have spent hours honing their craft before producing beautiful furniture with apparent ease. Producers who can just pull things together even as things schedules are daunting, based on many shows and many lessons. The … Continue reading It bears repeating

There’s a lag – so hold on

When you put in the time to get healthy, you often doesn’t see results right away. As you work at restoring trust or morale, you can expect it’ll take some time. From deciding to fix the infrastructure, to seeing the benefit for your estate, or economy, there’ll be difficult adjustments and setbacks. Provide the right input. Build and monitor feedback loops, so you can see … Continue reading There’s a lag – so hold on

Headwinds and tailwinds

As described in Bob McKinnon’s opening episode of his Attribution podcast, we’re almost always conscious of any headwind while not really registering the tailwinds that help us along. As is true when we’re outside, so it is broadly in life. Take a little time to appreciate the help that’s gotten you to today. The people and institutions, the infrastructure and progress made before you. It … Continue reading Headwinds and tailwinds

The Spanish flu that wasn’t, really

The Spanish flu, as the 1918 pandemic was known, didn’t originate in Spain or have the greatest impact on her people. Spain was neutral in the First World War and could forego wartime censorship, leading to more open and accurate reporting of the health crisis. For the world, this created an association that remains to this day. Labels aren’t merely artefacts, they’re stories in and … Continue reading The Spanish flu that wasn’t, really

More, quicker, easier – kind of

You can do five pretty easy tasks, pretty quickly. They won’t have much impact, but you’d have ticked them off the to-do list and that’d feel pretty good. Today. Or you can do that one hard task. It’ll make a difference, but it demands more time and effort, and you’ll feel uncomfortable – today. What will count for more, what will feel better, tomorrow? Continue reading More, quicker, easier – kind of