Good marketing

I’m deeply wary of marketers.

Their job, as I see it, is to manipulate emotions to get you to spend or act how they want – often to your detriment. I’m looking at you McDonald’s, tempting me with that Bacon Double Cheeseburger that I really want/don’t want.

But there’s much more to marketing than that. There are marketers working to get you to do something worthwhile, or commit to positive change. ‘Hands Face Space’ is a marketing campaign.

Then there’s more subtle marketing that’s also really important. Changing working practices on the job – that needs to be sold to people. Switching the focus from closing tickets to satisfying customers – that’s a sell. Convincing those you mentor that there’s another way – they have to be won over.

Marketing is everywhere. You do it, too.

How well are you doing it?

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