8 out of 10 jogs / jobs

More often than I’d like, I find myself not wanting to get out and get rolling. Especially since the third UK Covid lockdown and what felt like an interminable winter. When I can, I nudge myself out of the door with a number of tricks, and afterwards almost invariably feel much better for it.

This morning, when the alarm went off early, I really wanted to just go back to sleep. Groggily lacing up my trainers and feeling a chill on the way to the car, I wondered if just a short jog would be better, followed by a warming bath. Instead, I drove to the Peaks and bashed over some rocks and trails as the sun rose higher, creating a glorious start to the day.

So it is with those things at work, the tasks that feel a little heavy and a little out of the way. No-one’s shouting about them and you’re not sure how to tackle it, but they’re going to make a difference and once you’ve started it won’t seem so tough.

You’ll almost always feel better for getting underway. Better still once they’re done.

Get started, and keep going.

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