More, quicker, easier – kind of

You can do five pretty easy tasks, pretty quickly. They won’t have much impact, but you’d have ticked them off the to-do list and that’d feel pretty good. Today. Or you can do that one hard task. It’ll make a difference, but it demands more time and effort, and you’ll feel uncomfortable – today. What will count for more, what will feel better, tomorrow? Continue reading More, quicker, easier – kind of

All the people, so many people

I’m reading Radical Candor by Kim Scott and as well as its explicit drive to encourage caring personally, the anecdotes have helped me care about people in a different way. Big corporations turn me off. I feel that money and market power becomes ends in themselves, rather than a mechanism for delivering positives, which I dislike. That might always be accurate, but it’s my gut … Continue reading All the people, so many people

Be annoyed then, or not

That thing you anticipate that’s got you all wound up and annoyed – well it hasn’t happened yet. If you’re annoyed in anticipation, then you’re impacting all the things happening right now that deserve your full attention. So, use the intervening time wisely. Be annoyed when the time comes. Better yet, work out how to avert the situation or respond well. Be effective when the … Continue reading Be annoyed then, or not

Numbers don’t lie, do they

I re-read this line with some skepticism: Currently, self-service support channels are severely underused, with only 26% of employees having ever used one. One of the books in most pleased to have read is A Field Guide to Lies and Statistics – I’ve thought more clearly around quoted numbers and percentages ever since. In this instance though, how 26% was arrived at isn’t as contentious … Continue reading Numbers don’t lie, do they

Being right and being helpful

They’re not always the same. If you’ve got right of way and drive into the path of someone who hasn’t seen you, that’s not helpful. If you have more accurate information than someone else, but you withhold it so you can look good later, that’s not helpful. If the work can be completed satisfactorily, but you’re forcing folks to spend exhausting hours sweating inconsequential detail, … Continue reading Being right and being helpful

Mistakes and losses

I read today that it “is no coincidence that Einstein, who made the most discoveries, also made the greatest number of mistakes”. Elsewhere, Neil Pasricha has written this as “lose more to win more”. Time and again, successful folks pass on the message that there is no straightforward road to success. We must be open to failure, course correction, and new information. Humility helps. Courage … Continue reading Mistakes and losses

It’s a kind of magic

Today has been a great day. Nothing particularly magical happened, but I felt the magic of human connection very deeply. Across time, too – driving along to Queen’s greatest hits and thinking of my Dad when he was the age I am now. His singing was never magic, but his air drumming was convincing! Nothing is materially different, but gratitude and companionship lent today a … Continue reading It’s a kind of magic