If you want to get there

Sometimes, the only way out is through. You have to push through the discomfort and the awkwardly poor results you get at first. You go through that and things get better. You’ve gotten better. Or, if you’re really reluctant, there is another way. You can shrink from the challenge. Let go of your dream. Settle where you are. That’s not really comfortable either. Keep going! Continue reading If you want to get there

Dreaming and doing as you fulfil responsibilities

I’m reading about how Liz Bohannon got started with Sseko Designs, which is empowering Ugandan women directly and encouraging female leadership globally. It was a plucky journey. With few responsibilities, Liz booked a one-way ticket in search of opportunity, figuring out what came next once she got there. Many of us don’t have that kind of freedom to act. I certainly don’t feel like I … Continue reading Dreaming and doing as you fulfil responsibilities

Harmony might be overrated

The most personal growth I’ve experienced has been in the relationship I enjoy now, which I’m very grateful for. We frequently butt heads. We’ve disagreed on some fundamental things and still do. We’ll likely never see eye to eye about what happened when we tried running a business together. But, because I’m open to being wrong (not always the first time around…), I’ve enjoyed different … Continue reading Harmony might be overrated