Step by step, hour by hour, I got somewhere

I may not have done my best work today. This morning I didn’t feel I’d be able to put much work in at all.

As 9am approached I thought about pulling a sickie. As 10am came around I wondered what I could move out of my calendar this afternoon. By noon, I had the worst of my head at bay and by two o’clock I was cracking on.

Taking things hour by hour, I got through. I’m pleased to share ‘bird by bird’ as a more positive read on the same principle.

Last year as I tackled The Ridgeway I lost heart a little – I realised just how long I’d been going and yet still had more than half the distance to cover. Then, as now, I just took it step by step. Hour by hour.

Bird by bird.

From another blog I enjoy: “Reminder: In times like these, most are doing the best they can. That does not mean it’s the best that can be done. Have empathy and set your expectations accordingly.”

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