Chow or ciao

Being very pressed for time lately, daytime meals became perfunctory affairs. Since I’m also working on mindfulness, the hit and run approach to eating felt inappropriate.

I decided to experiment.

Some lunches I’d act as had become the norm – the last mouthful (especially) being crammed in and chewed as I washed my hands and quickly got back to the computer.

Other lunches I took time to attend carefully to even the very last bite. Appreciate the flavours and textures without doing something else at the same time. Then turning back to the tasks that were waiting, in a more measured fashion.

I’ve looked back on two weeks of experimenting when the workload wasn’t much different on either type of day. I’ve realised that on the rushed days I didn’t appear to get more done. I felt harried and unsettled in the afternoon, but for little benefit. On the mindful days I was happier with my decision making and presence in meetings.

Just a minute taken mindfully improved the quality of my work and day.

If you get just ten minutes to grab lunch, maybe you’re not getting ahead by using only nine of them.

2 thoughts on “Chow or ciao

  1. With all this working from home I find it important to take my lunch break, to be in a different part if the house or outside if the weather is good, helps clear my mind 👌

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