Trust and differentiation in tech

Reading an article about Big Tech this morning, I noted the author’s words about oligopolistic competition supplanting current monopolies. “It could raise standards as platforms differentiate themselves by trust.”

It could, and I hope it does. Trust is important, and we rightly expect it in our interpersonal relationships. We trade it all too readily in the tech space, to save a bit of money, be where everyone else is, have slightly better features, or get a new thing we didn’t really need.

Trust is important. Even – actually especially – in the tech space.

Old toxic friendship lose their power over time, as memories and connections fade. Databases though, they’re much better at remembering and linking activity. We happily stuff them for a few tech baubles and we keep jumping at the algorithms built to plunder what’s stored in them.

To be the most trustworthy – that’s a noble competition.

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