A financial gift born of hardship

I narrowly avoided bankruptcy six years ago, ostensibly due to a collapse in income and a tumultuous change in life circumstances. Really it was because of my relationship with money. I’m largely through that period of hardship and, after quite some processing, I can say that I’m grateful for what it taught me. For the lasting improvements it wrought in my character and financial posture. … Continue reading A financial gift born of hardship

Consistently inconsistent

You can write it up a few ways, some will sound kind and others won’t. As with many things, the emphasis you hear and the emphasis you take away may not be the same. “Keeps turning up when she can.” “Not as regular as he could be.” “Makes every effort, despite their circumstances.” “Attended only sporadically while overwhelmed by events.” “Exhausted but still pushing, he … Continue reading Consistently inconsistent

Trust and differentiation in tech

Reading an article about Big Tech this morning, I noted the author’s words about oligopolistic competition supplanting current monopolies. “It could raise standards as platforms differentiate themselves by trust.” It could, and I hope it does. Trust is important, and we rightly expect it in our interpersonal relationships. We trade it all too readily in the tech space, to save a bit of money, be … Continue reading Trust and differentiation in tech