Searching, instead of merely looking

“I will seek motivation, instead of lamenting its lack.” I wrote these words in my journal, having acknowledged the feeling that a day of forlorn activity beckoned. A quick look around at my life offered nothing in particular to get revved up about. No joyous event or pursuit leapt to mind. So I went searching. Actively enquiring. Looking for things to be grateful for and … Continue reading Searching, instead of merely looking

Your best effort, on this, again

I quote here directly from James Clear’s weekly 3-2-1 newsletter, which I love: “Improvement is a battle that must be fought anew each day.Your next workout doesn’t care how strong your last one was.Your next essay doesn’t care how popular your last one was.Your next investment doesn’t care how smart your last one was.Your best effort, again.” (Subscribe on James Clear’s website) Absolutely spot on. … Continue reading Your best effort, on this, again

Same thing, different words

Today I was pleased to read about carefully noting how our emotions drive us, in three different forums. Each was a independent variation on the same theme. This wasn’t a waste, because the theme is important and my brain, being an associative machine, absorbed the message better for quickly comparing, contrasting, and building connections across the different words. If there’s a message you want to … Continue reading Same thing, different words