Wow, that’s change

Well, sure, of course things change over time. Caught in the moment though, it often doesn’t feel like it.

A friend and I talked about birthdays today, which got me thinking about what I was doing when I was twenty-one. Around that time I was in the Balkans on a peace-keeping mission. I remember flying into Split, Croatia, diving toward the ground to land quickly and avoid potential anti-aircraft fire. Today, Split is beautiful tourist destination.

Before the lockdown I was chatting to a customer assistant in an Apple store, who was from Rwanda. I was delighted to hear how she described her country today, in contrast to the perception she felt persists following the genocide there. Rwanda continues to overcome challenges and raise its score on the Human Development Index.

At many points along their journey, it would’ve been hard to see a positive future in either of these places. But, bunkers become unnecessary.

Things change.

Keep going.


(Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash)

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