Lasting memories

Nudged by some great photos taken by @steelcitysnapper on Instagram, I went to the Weston Park Museum today with my beloved.

Really pleased to have visited – I learned a lot about Sheffield that I didn’t know, which gave me perspective on how the city is today. This underlines two things. One, I have a terrible memory and I didn’t know a lot to begin with. Two, preserving memories and knowledge is a tremendous investment, and there is value in what we can see ‘in the flesh’ – above and beyond digital archiving (but I still love you, Wikipedia).

It also showed you can’t predict the memories you’ll build with other people. After today, the museum is associated with being encouraged to be ‘as quick as you can’ in the toilet on the way out!

A lovely visit – the exhibits, not the loo. :^)


(Photo by steelcitysnapper on Instagram)

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