Plan Do Check Act

I’m looking for a job at the moment and bringing some of my knowledge up to date. Any IT Service Management fans out there? Anyone?

What I’m struck by in the description of the processes, is how many of them have roots going back a long way, to what seems like mere common sense. Once you layer business need and IT complexity on top of things, it’s less obvious though, and a framework of best practices becomes necessary. A simple idea is improved through iteration and applied more and more broadly until it no longer seems so simple. But still, in a nutshell:

Work out how things are.

How you’d like them to be.

How to get there.

Take some steps. You have take some steps.

Assess the view now you’re closer.

Correct course as necessary.

Rinse and repeat.

Keep going.


(Photo by airfocus on Unsplash)

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