Unexpected fitness boost

When your memory is terrible, you walk to the shops, and you gotta wear a mask, you can find yourself walking a lot of extra miles.

Five days get out of seven now I’ve gotten half-way to somewhere and had a doh’oh moment!

I mean, it’s not like I have a mask that’s easy to overlook or I don’t want to wear it. As I’ve bored my family with aplenty, this isn’t a patch on wearing a full-face respirator to go for a jog, which I’ve done more times I care to remember.

One of the many ways to get into trouble in the Army, is to put cans of coke and a few snickers bars in your respirator pouch, instead of the actual respirator. The odds of getting caught are slim and you can enjoy some refreshment while you’re bobbing about, instead of carrying ‘unnecessary’ weight. Until, doh’oh, there’s a kit check. Somewhere in the hills around Harrogate I did about eight miles fully masked up, trotting alongside a Land Rover while the Sergeant leaned out the window and let me know how nice the the snickers were that I’d tucked away. How refreshing the fizzy pop was.

Life lessons.

Keep a mask/respirator handy, Mark!


(Photo of me, outside the house before heading back to the shops!)

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