Being available

I enjoyed an online training session yesterday, aimed at getting comfortable with selling. Asking for money is very difficult for me, however necessary it is and even though I feel I have much to contribute. A key point of the training was to be “available for a yes, and a no”.

You put you what you have on the table, and without any pressure invite the other party to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Simple, when it’s put like that. It cut away a lot of ‘ickiness’ I feel about marketing and sales strategies, but it does depend on feeling comfortable with your offer and what it means to hear ‘no’.

There’s a much broader lesson in this. We ratchet up the pressure on ourselves and others to get the ‘right’ outcome, because of what it might mean if we hear ‘no’. In a romantic relationship. In a job interview. Applying for a bank loan. Anytime we’re looking for buy-in, it’s worth making ourselves available for a ‘no’ – it takes the pressure of both sides and allows for more comfortable engagement and assessment of what’s on the table.

Of course, the stakes are high in some situations and being open to ‘no’ may seem a luxury we (literally) can’t afford. To me that says we have to act in advance to lower the stakes, so this kind of availability isn’t so scary. Security doesn’t extend to as many people as it should, which is a sign that we have work to do across society.

Not least helping people to believe in what they have to offer.

So that they’re available for a ‘yes’.


(Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash)

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