Committing for longer

I started writing this blog when I was in a pretty dark place. I knew I needed reasons to keep going and I also knew that helping others is my biggest motivator. Sharing words that could help another in the same spot, I felt, would tap into that motivation and also shine a light for me to walk with.

Over a year later, I’m in a much better place. There’s still much to do – not just for me, but for people everywhere. I’m ready for a step up in commitment.

With my feet largely healed from the weekend’s sponsored trot, I feel I should’ve finished the write-up by now, but completing a longer piece is unexpectedly challenging for me. That doesn’t bode well for the book I have in mind…

So, a new commitment. Once a week, a thousand words or slightly more.

Starts Sunday.

I’m gonna need more coffee.

If you think about writing, would you tip-tappy it straight into the machine, or actually hand-write it first?


(Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash)

2 thoughts on “Committing for longer

  1. I’d type it straight in but then I touch type so for me it’s quicker and I like that it’s then malible with regards to what I can do with it, who I can share it with etc. Having said that I’m a fn of good paper and a faithful old fountain pen!

    1. I hear you – I type pretty quickly too, so I have similar thoughts. There is something about pen and paper though and I wonder would it bring out deeper thinking, or stymy me as I felt I couldn’t scribe quick enough. I should experiment and find out. :^)

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