I finished The Ridgeway in 32 hours. It’s 87.5 miles long and so discounting the couple of extra miles for a navigation mishap, that’s an average of 2.73mph.

This average tells you very little about my journey though. In general, although statistically attractive, we need to know a lot more to get a really meaningful story.

Lowest point – with my feet in a bad way and my legs largely shot, I did some mental arithmetic and realised I still had about 11 hours to go. The realisation was almost overwhelming. Getting moving again meant digging deep.

Highlight – unexpectedly meeting family just before the end. As I stumbled up the penultimate rise, I heard ‘is that you Mark’ being shouted across the hills. The warmth and energy that seeing loved ones brought was a huge comfort. I don’t think I actually went much quicker for it, but it felt like I glided up to the end!

Life’s not about pace. It’s about the journey.

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