Lost and found

To search, in earnest, requires hope. Without it, you become inattentive and might very well miss the thing you’re looking for. This is true for those keys you’ve misplaced in the house, for the tragic loss of aircraft at sea, and everything in between. The scale of the search doesn’t change the need for hope – it only makes it harder to sustain.

We still have to keep looking, if we value what needs to be found. Finding social justice is hard. It’s uncomfortable. It’s not going to magically appear. We each have to keep looking for ways to contribute.

Remember the dibber I lost while out litter picking? Found it.

Many moons ago I did a long run up in woodland skirting the edges of the North Yorkshire Moors. My car was parked in the middle of nowhere and I didn’t have a phone signal. On reaching the car, knackered, I didn’t have the key any more – somewhere along the route I’d just ran, it had to be on the ground. It was around the half-way point and in peaty mud, but I found that, too.

What we mustn’t lose, is hope.

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