The ladder to success

While walking the pooch a while ago I spotted this collection of branches. We couldn’t work if it was like a log library for dawgs to borrow from, or maybe a wonky ladder in the making. The pooch didn’t add much to the thinking actually, he just took a log without getting it stamped.

I’ve been thinking about the wonky ladder though – it feels like that’s what I’ve been on and want to get off. My reaction to life’s event took me away from a typical career. Although recent years have seen me getting back on track, my experiences leave me questioning the way ahead. After reacting to events all too often, I now want to thoughtfully respond.

Today I’ve spent a lot of time thinking – weighing up potential roles and what they offer. Of two that are interesting, one pays fifty percent more than the other. That hasn’t made the decision more clear cut, perhaps surprisingly. I’m drawn to the lower paid position as I think it would use and develop more of the skills I feel passionate about. I’m considering stepping down the ladder and joining another, following a path more in line with where I want to go.

To help look ahead, I’ve had to take a good look at where I am and what matters. At what success looks like.

The ladder isn’t all important.

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