It’s all out there

After nearly 20 years of working in software development, I want to work with people far more than technology. What I really want to do is switch to coaching. Quite how to make the breakthrough isn’t clear, especially when there are financial hurdles and the economy isn’t throwing life-changing jobs around right now.

So I look around the web (thanks, technology – I do still love you) and see what I can do.

I’ve found a wonderful account of someone who made a not dissimilar change some years ago and also has their own podcast. This person is inspiring and rubs shoulders with equally inspiring people. Where I see difficulty, this person has already overcome.

The same, I believe, would be true no matter what I were thinking of doing next.

The internet, especially, has made the world smaller in a lot of ways. A lot of things that were hard to find or couldn’t get on the radar, are now just a (DuckDuckGo) search away. It’s all out there – waiting for you to discover. You might not be the top of the game, but it pays to be in the game. When you see what’s out there, you don’t need to shrink from it. You can be inspired.

Thanks, About The Adventure, for sharing your story and your work.

I’m inspired.


(Photo by Roxxie Blackham on Unsplash)

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