Being grateful

For a long time I’ve worked at cultivating at a daily practice of gratitude. In wrapping up the day before bed, I like to think of something I’m truly grateful for. Over time my brain has become more adept at flagging up moments that I might come back to in that evening’s review.

When I got in the car today, the windscreen wipers swished back and forward as soon as I started the engine. The last time I drove, it was bucketing down. That fun trot in the hills where I forgot a waterproof and my body soaked the car seat through when I was done!

Things to be grateful for sprang up – it’s dry and sunny, the seat is no longer wet, I can put the washing on the line, and so on. Thing is, if it had been raining I could also have found things to be grateful for. It’s doing our lawn some good, the local reservoirs need the water, I’ve thought to put a spare waterproof in the car.

Gratitude can be a matter of perspective.

It’s a great choice.


(Photo by Mark Boss on Unsplash)

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