Thank you, Siri, or not

I was chatting with a friend today, and I recalled reading how women are more likely to say thank you to their virtual assistants than men are. I was making the point that I’m pleased to be thinking more deeply about structural inequality than I have done in the past.

We had a bit of back and forth on why men might be more direct with Alexa, and then my friend said “well the more interesting question is…”.

I felt a slight twist in my stomach at that. Oh my – the unkind voice in my brain chirped up – I haven’t asked the right question. My thoughts aren’t profound enough. I’m shallow and don’t have much to offer. There’s so much to learn and how I can possibly take it all on board?!

The moment passed. I acknowledged the unkind thought and let it go.

We kept on chatting and offering different views to one another, without my shrinking from the conversation. We both learned something from the shared reflections and I came away grateful that I recognised my contribution as valuable. Not because I had the answers, but because I was keen to explore the question.

Thank you, Siri, for presenting the opportunity.


(Photo by @jankolario on Unsplash)

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