It may, it will, get better

This will pass, things will get better. It’s a common reassurance given to people experiencing hardship. It’s well intended, but to me it feels a little hollow. There’s no guarantee and so we cannot merely hold on and hope, confident that better will arrive soon enough.

But, things definitely CAN get better.

Hope is a key part of that happening. Optimism isn’t a failure to face reality, it’s a great response to adversity as it encourages pushing forward. The stars that need to align for better to arrive – they might need quite some nudging. It might need help from an expert in nudging stars (if you know a literal one of those, I’d love to meet them).

So, it might get better. The more you work at it, believe it and push for it, the greater the chances are.

Keep going.


(Photo by Taneli Lahtinen on Unsplash)

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