Doing something amazing

I’m giving blood shortly. I last gave blood not long after lockdown started – it’s considered essential, and with good reason. The process is trickier with a pandemic going on, but it’s still happening because of the outstanding work of people (including volunteers) who find a way to make things happen. It’s a reminder that there are lots of ways to contribute. There’s no one-size-fits-all … Continue reading Doing something amazing


I finished The Ridgeway in 32 hours. It’s 87.5 miles long and so discounting the couple of extra miles for a navigation mishap, that’s an average of 2.73mph. This average tells you very little about my journey though. In general, although statistically attractive, we need to know a lot more to get a really meaningful story. Lowest point – with my feet in a bad … Continue reading 2.73mph

The irony of inaction right now

You know that thing where you want to do something and you’re just not doing it? Procrastinating terribly and beating yourself up about it, but still not getting on with the job? I’m designing an app, for creative folks, to help get past that. Or at least I want to be. Note to self – 2020’s theme is self-discipline. Unicorn > Procrastination. You’ll see. . … Continue reading The irony of inaction right now