A concise summary of three strategies for resilience, which are more eloquently put forward in Lucy Hone’s TEDx talk. Bad things happen, so expect to have to deal with them. Place your attention carefully, don’t dwell on the bad things. Whatever you’re doing to cope, ask yourself if it’s harmful or helpful. Not easy, but straight-forward. All related to our sphere of control. We always … Continue reading Resilience

It was the future, once

However bright the prospect was, however much hope you invested, however tantalising that vision is, it’s just not working out. Sometimes, you have to let go. Working hard to get through obstacles is important. Enduring difficulty is often necessary for success. But it’s right to consider if you can bear the cost, especially if your mental health is at stake. Sometimes, we have to move … Continue reading It was the future, once

Possibility likes space

Around the middle of July I face professional uncertainty. Engagement with my current employer comes to an end and although there’s scope to do more work, it’s distinctly possible I’ll need to find something new. I don’t have a cushion or a fall-back position that I can rest easily with. This is a trivial concern compared to the challenges some are facing, but it’s still … Continue reading Possibility likes space