Get the message as you need it

In a Creative Morning talk yesterday, I learned a little more about imposter syndrome and how to combat it. The talk was led by Lauren Kelly from We Are Behaviour and took us through recording the feelings we experience when insecurity crops up, to craft a ‘belong statement’. It was great stuff and I look forward to following that up.

Today I read a piece by Kristen Kalp – ‘Interrupt the pattern’. In her words: ‘your brain is an asshole, we’ve talked and talked about that’. She went on to say: ‘record the most common phrases your asshole brain uses so you can interrupt the pattern in the coming months’. Once you can do this, you can work through how you feel and get shit done.

Similar techniques, dressed in different styles. If you like intimate language – you got it. If a less forward tone keeps the content clearer for you – you got it.

One of the joy of the internet is there are now many voices saying similar things. This is not banality. It’s breadth of expression and creative messaging. You tune in to what works best for you.

It means there’s also room for your voice.

And mine.


(Photo by William Moreland on Unsplash)

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