Phone upgrade

As I made sure all the apps worked on my phone following an upgrade, I remembered playing Snake back on a tiny Nokia 8210. Then I remembered trying to browse the web on a BlackBerry, which sucked although it did make my email life a dream when I travelled a lot internationally.

Thinking about everything I can do with a modern smartphone I was reminded of writing about resilience recently. The importance of asking yourself if an action is harmful or helpful.

Sat on the sofa, we can indulge in pleasurable non-activity that whiles away the hours. But is that helpful?

In a pause in conversation, we can check if there’s anything new online. But might that be harmful?

Turning off notifications can massively improve our quality of life. Engaging with intent can help us progress instead of just running laps on the hamster wheel.

Smartphones are awesome, when they serve us.


(Photo by Rayson Tan on Unsplash)

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