Boring. Booooring. Bored.

I very rarely find myself bored when there’s little to do nowadays. Not since I was in my twenties, really.

If there’s an internet connection, my brain can be kept busy. If there isn’t, there are plenty of things I have to think through. It’s unfortunate I that I forget most of the solutions I arrive at, but never mind. If I’m too tired to think, I can meditate. If none of that has appeal, I merely rest.

I don’t think I’ve gained that much wisdom since my twenties, but I do think I see why the change has happened.

Now, there’s almost always something I’d like to be doing, but there isn’t time for. Then, I often didn’t want to do much apart from socialise. Now, I choose where I spend my time with care. Then, I’d do what ‘the crowd’ wanted to do and hoped something fun would happen. Now, I see the value in downtime. Then, I just had to be busy. Busy with something. Could’ve been anything.

The difference, I think, is that now my days are more full of intent.


(Featured image by Johnny Cohen on Unsplash)

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