Possibility likes space

Around the middle of July I face professional uncertainty. Engagement with my current employer comes to an end and although there’s scope to do more work, it’s distinctly possible I’ll need to find something new. I don’t have a cushion or a fall-back position that I can rest easily with.

This is a trivial concern compared to the challenges some are facing, but it’s still a valid concern for me.

Last night I was becoming anxious. The strident voice in my head started getting loud. Problems leapt out of the dark corners of my mind and barriers came up wherever I directed my thoughts. At the heart of it all, was the issue of scarcity. Not enough work to go around. Not enough money in the bank. Not enough hours in the day. Not enough knowledge and experience to be certain. Not enough certainty to look up and to look around. Scarcity.

But we live in a world of abundant possibility. I don’t mean a fairytale land where all our needs are met easily or fairly – that’s patently not true. There is abundant possibility though. To create and share opportunity. To use what we already have instead of waiting until we have more. To build what we need instead of hoping for it merely to arrive.

I took an earlier night than has become the norm. I put the notion of scarcity to one side and created some internal space. I acknowledged the concern, but raised my eyes to the horizon. The ardent voice in my head suggested possibilities.

We all need room to think positively.

We can find it within.


(Photo by Gabriel Sollmann on Unsplash)

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