The cataclysm sentence

I listened to couple of episodes of the Radiolab podcast today, while doing a long day’s driving. I kept ruminating on the episode ‘The Cataclysm Sentence’, the description for which is: One day in 1961, the famous physicist Richard Feynman stepped in front of a Caltech lecture hall and posed this question to a group of undergraduate students: “If, in some cataclysm, all of scientific … Continue reading The cataclysm sentence

Challenging feedback

In a session with my personal trainer this morning, she added some extra resistance to one of the movements I was about to do. A little extra ‘feedback’, she said. I was tickled to have this described as ‘feedback’ – I offered that it was more a ‘challenge’. I’m getting a lot from the enthusiasm and knowledge that Nory of Revolution Fitness brings to our … Continue reading Challenging feedback


It’s a term that I didn’t fully grasp until relatively recently. Kimberlé Crenshaw explains it and its consequences powerfully in this TED talk. The talk was given in 2016. Since then, the #SayHerName report on ‘Resisting Police Brutality against Black Women’ has been updated. Breonna Taylor’s name is on the updated report and still her killers have not been charged as I write this. A … Continue reading Intersectionality