You’ve given your all

Now you’re waiting for the judges and you can’t be sure you did enough. Also, it’s winner take all in this competition. Relax though, there are other competitions. You could be preparing even now. Between these brief moments where the stakes are high, there’s all those beautiful moments of collaboration. It’s with the judges, so get back to doing your best work. Dude, breathe. . … Continue reading You’ve given your all

Marking time

Barked at soldiers and bandsmen across the globe, the order to ‘mark time‘ keeps people moving without actually making progress. Its best use is to maintain theatre and momentum while elements of a parade come together. It’s most commonly seen metaphorically, as we keep busy in the present and leave our dreams and hopes to manifest themselves in the future. The end of marking time … Continue reading Marking time

There’s rubbish in the nearby woods

I don’t mean litter, I mean there’s a recycling centre/rubbish tip there. Nonetheless, the woods are exceptionally pretty in places and great to run through. I can easily spend an hour trotting around in what seems like just a small strip on the map, without beating the same path twice. Of course that could just mean I run slowly, but that’s not point. Until my … Continue reading There’s rubbish in the nearby woods

Helping one another

To stress the importance might feel unnecessary in this moment of applauding our heroes and re-discovering community. Perhaps my own experience is unique, but I’d be surprised. There will be someone you know who could do with a little extra help. Not another pair of hands, but perhaps just some encouragement. Some recognition. A pause in your day to give them a bit more attention. … Continue reading Helping one another