Big problems

I helped a friend get a ludicrously large plant pot into his garden today.

When I say ludicrous, I mean this thing was easily a metre wide and the same tall. It weighed, we reckoned, probably about 250kg. Their garden isn’t easily accessible. It’s on one of the steepest roads in Sheffield, which is a hilly city. The steps to the garden are cut into a terrace and weren’t wide enough for the pot to pass. It was tricky, to understate the matter. But with another friend, some scaffolding planks, some impromptu ramps and access through a neighbouring garden, we did it. At no stage did we have plan for how to tackle the whole manoeuvre, but we kept at it.

There are problems that we can’t easily grasp until they’re upon us. The solutions aren’t obvious or easy. If we’re determined though, we can make progress. Perhaps in stages, perhaps with some back and forth. With resolve, we can solve even those problems that we struggle to grasp the size of.

We must find the resolve, and take action.


(Featured image by Martin Widenka on Unsplash)

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