Contrasting worlds

Looking out of the window at the moment, I can see it’s absolutely gorgeous. Around my house right now, there’s some peaceful snoring from the dog and the happy sounds of my beloved rifling through some of their sixties memorabilia. The world, for me, is a good place.

In a different house right now, there will be someone afraid of being hit, of being humiliated, of being judged and controlled. Domestic abuse happens around us, often sight unseen, and there isn’t always much we can do directly to help. We can provide assistance though.

In eight weeks I’m going to complete The Ridgeway National Trail in, hopefully, under 24 hours. That’s 85 miles on foot and self-supported as there’s no event framework in place.

I can’t say I feel ready for it, or that I’ll be fully ready for it. During lockdown, as the nation applauded the NHS and our most visible key workers, my mind has often been on those who are invisible – even as they provide for the very vulnerable. My mind has been on how the end of lockdown won’t be a great escape for some, as they’ve no safe place to go. With that in mind, I decided to raise money through a challenge tougher than anything I’ve done before.

I’ll be writing about the outstanding work carried out by Refuge and ManKind Initiative in coming weeks, and also about the training I’m doing to get ready for the run/jog/walk/crawl I’ve resolved to in support of them. I’ll get moving on the 24th of July, the first anniversary of my father passing away. I told him I’d complete The Ridgeway, and I will.

If you could sponsor me, that would be fantastic.

Link here and in bio.


(Featured image, unusually, me. Taken by me. In a world that contrasts sharply with the comfortable spot where I’m typing this.)

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