It’s complicated

I’m very near the end of 21 Lessons, by Yuval Noah Harari. It’s got a lot to recommend it, but I can’t say I’ll read it again. Why? Well, that’s complicated.

It’s a book that’s told a story about stories – about the human story writ large. Quelle surprise, it’s complicated.

In coming posts I’ll start to talk about walk/jog/running The Ridgeway and how I hope to raise sponsorship money for two worthy charities. I’m a little torn about the choice of charities because, yeah, it’s complicated.

My life, and the life of lots of people I care deeply for, have been impacted by domestic abuse. I hope to contribute towards the cost of providing help and to raise awareness. What I’m taking from 21 Lessons and what I see from charity fund-raising is that simple narratives work best for people. If you want a dollar, you tell a simple story well and you push at the most common emotional cues.

I want your dollar, but I won’t tell a simple story.

Bear with me, please. I’d really like you to listen.

Because it’s complicated.


(Featured image by Ümit Bulut on Unsplash)

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