Be a contribution

This morning I went for a long run and was mulling over whether or not to buy a fancy watch to better track my route (my phone’s GPS is often a comedian). Actually, should I spend the watch money on a better computer instead, I thought? Maybe getting a new phone would make more sense? Fretting about the right thing to do, my thoughts turned to a way to spend less and pay something forward instead.

Later, while waiting to get in the supermarket, I listened to a podcast about ‘living in surplus’. Since most of us have more than we truly need, it asks, what do we with what’s left over? Indulge our wants or engage in making positive contributions?

Back home after shopping, I sat down and opened the post. ‘The Art of Possibility’ had arrived, bought on a recommendation without reading any blurb. I cracked open a random page to see what’s in store; it was the first page of a chapter on ‘being a contribution’.

I don’t think the universe sends us signs, but coincidence can still make a good point. Life is better spent contributing than accumulating.

Message received.


(Featured image by Rémi Walle on Unsplash)

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