Nothing is good or bad, but…

Are you sure want to do this? It’ll be tough a lot of the time and you’ll need to push yourself when you’d really rather not. After a while, even though you feel you need a break from it, you’ll get agitated if you don’t find the time. You won’t see improvement with every effort and some days will be inexplicable – you’ll show up feeling ready and find yourself falling short. You sure?

Would you like to feel you can better handle life’s challenges? As you work at this you’ll be getting up and getting on when you’d have just sat on the couch before. Once your body is into it, you’ll feel this urge to squeeze more hours in the day just so you can get the high. You’ll learn patience and how to tune into what your body tells you – it’ll show you how to push through. Ready to get started?

Running. I’m delighted to have the mojo back.

Also, framing.


(Featured image by João Ferreira on Unsplash)

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