Time, my physics teacher friend has told me, is an illusion. Not from a philosophical perspective, but because hard science equations don’t require time as a variable. I didn’t ask him to illustrate as, in the world at large, how we feel time might be fluid but it definitely happens.

Johann Hari notes the importance of being able to picture a future, to alleviate depression. Certainly for me, while being in the moment is very helpful I need to feel a sense that I’m heading somewhere worthwhile and there’s a palatable timeframe for this stage of the journey. A complete unknown is as bad as arbitrary date – so I’m investing time in setting an appropriate date.

With the timescale shrunk from ‘neither here nor there’ to something fixed, I can mark off progress. It might have to change and that’s okay – it’s a good thing to have a fixed date and thereby grow an understanding of what might change it.

With a timescale it’s no longer a dream, it’s an ambition.


(Featured image by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash)

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