Humans have bodies

Of course we do, but how often we overlook this until something isn’t going well. How easily our brains look past this when there’s an internet connection.

I’m pleased to have made it part of my routine to unplug, put my body under some stress and listen to what it says. Over time, I’m hearing that it’s working better. That healthy choices add up and are worthwhile.

My #100daychallenge is quietly rolling along and has changed a little from what I first had in mind. Right now it’s less about creating a way to visualise where I could be in the future, and more about exhorting myself to try, today, perhaps even just for one day.

Tomorrow, as I listen to my body, I’m increasingly confident that I’ll hear how it’s worth it, and I’ll choose wisely again.

The body is an incredible feedback device, if we just tune in.


(Featured Image by Scott Broome on Unsplash)

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