Helping one another

To stress the importance might feel unnecessary in this moment of applauding our heroes and re-discovering community.

Perhaps my own experience is unique, but I’d be surprised. There will be someone you know who could do with a little extra help. Not another pair of hands, but perhaps just some encouragement. Some recognition. A pause in your day to give them a bit more attention.

They have a project they’re working on that they’d benefit from hearing a kind word about. A concern could be nagging at them, and it’d be good to talk it through. Things are okay for them, but they’re drifting and would like to talk so they can find their focus. Maybe they’d just like to talk crap with someone.

Look out, or at the moment maybe sound out, how the people you care about are doing. The time you take out of your day is being put into the broader world.

It becomes a better world because of that.

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